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2022.07.07 Ms. Sojin Ryu, Prof. Ho Young Soh (Chunnam National University)

"Introduction to zooplankton image analysis using ZOOSCAN"

2022.04.04 Ms. Ji Hye Moon, Prof. Jae-Ho Jung (Gangneung-Wonju National University)

"Planktoscope: An introduction to a fast and easy research instrument for study of planktonic organisms"

2022.03.03 Prof. Sung Jun Song (Seoul National University, Geosystems co.)

"Biodiversity of Marine Zoobenthos"

2022. 01.01 Happy New Year!

2021. 11. 11 The Second Meal served two invited speakers, and seven oral presentations.

2021. 09. 09 MEAL seminar

Dr. Sung Min An (MABIK)

"저서성 규조류 다양성 연구를 위한 Metabarcoding 기법의 활용"

2021. 07. 07 MEAL seminar

Dr. Jina Oh (MarEco R&E Co)

"eDNA metabarcoding: 종에서 군집까지"

2021. 03. 03 MEAL seminar

Dr. Kanghyun Lee (CEO Marine Act Co.)

"4th Industrial Revolution with Biodiversity"

2021. 02.02 MEAL seminar

1) Dr. B. A. Venmathi Maran (Professor at University Malaysia Sabah)

    “Biodiversity of Jellyfish in Southeast Asian Waters”

2) Dr. Kwon, Choon Bong (Research Professor at Ulsan University) 

 "Current status on the taxonomy and ecology of Rhizaria (Foraminifera, Radiolaria and Phaeodaria)"

2020.11.11 The First MEAL: seven oral, and ten poster presentations served.

2020. 09. 09 MEAL seminar: Dr. DONGGU JEON (Chung-Ang University)

  Introduction to the order Monstrilloida Sars, 1901: diversity and morphology

2020. 08.08 the first seminar: Dr. YOON LEE

  A chronicle of EPO (Environmental Public Officer)

2020. 07.07 the first general assembly

2020. 06.07 open MEAL site

2020. 06.06 feel hungry

2020. 05.05 children's day in Korea

2020. 04.04 Saturday

2020. 03.16 new semester through online 

2020. 03.03 Tuesday: new semester postponed

2020. 02.20 the first victim by COVID-19 in Korea

2020. 02.02 at Bohol

2020. 01.20 the first COVID-19 infected in Korea

2020. 01.01 happy new year

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