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Doctor of Philosophy

22. Kim, Jaehyun. 2024. 02. A multilocus phylogeny of Podogennonta Lang, 1944 (Copepoda,

       Harpacticoida) from the Northwestern Pacific

21. Kim, Hyeonggeun. 2024.02. A taxonomical study of the family Cyatholaimidae and spong-associated

       nematodes, with review of the investigation on free-living marine nematodes from Korean waters in

       2019 - 2020

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      Polychaeta) Based on Morphological Characters and Molecular Data

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     Characteristics, and Taxonomy.

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      Integrative taxonomy and their distributional pattern.

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      from Northwestern Pacific region.

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    and molecular phylogenetic studies of the family Ironidae and Thoracostomopsidae.

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    (Crustacea) with focus on South Korea and Kuril-Kamchatka.

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    the Western Pacific region.

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    integrating morphological, molecular phylogenetic and ecological evidence.  

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   Comesomatidae and Enchelidiidae from the sublitoral zone of Korea.

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    the 21 new species from East Asia.

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    and mass cultured zooplankton.

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    Paramesochridae (Copepoda; Harpacticoida) in Korean waters.

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    the CCFZ (Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone; C-C zone) in the Northeast Equatorial Pacific.

2. Bang, Hyun-Woo. 2007.08. Effects of endocrine disrupters on the life cycle, morphology and gene

    expression of harpacticoidcopepopd, Tigriopus japonicus s.l.

1. Lee, Kanghyun. 2007.08. Influence of mid-ultraviolet (UVB) radiation on the life cycle of the

    harpacticoid copepod Tigriopus japonicus s.l.

Master of Science

21. Choi, Eunha. 2020.02. Morphological and molecular diversity of the genus Proceroecia (Ostracoda:

    Halocyprida: Halocyprididae) with description of two new species from Korea.

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       Miraciidae) from subtidal sandy sediments.

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   Ectinosomatidae) from sandy habitats on the east coast of Korea.

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  Harpacticoida) from India and updated checklist of marine Harpacticoid copepods from India.

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    Brachionidae) from South Korea.

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        in​ East Asia and their molecular diversity. 

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       the​ Saemangeum seadike in the west coast of Korea.

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    from Korean waters.

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    Siphonostomatoida: Hatschekiidae), a genus of fish parasites.

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    bay, Korea in 2006.

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    species from Korea with a definition of three new species.

4. Lee, Dong-Ju. 2008.02. Study on Zooplankton Community and Redescription of

    Pseudodiaptomus inopinus in the Freshwater and Brackinshwater Area near Yeonggwang Coast,


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    George Island, Antarctica.

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    Barents Sea, Arctic Ocean.

1. Nam, Eunjung. 2004.02. Taxonomy on the genus Heteropsyllus (Crustacea, Copepoda,

    Harpacticoida) from off Jeju Island, Korea and off Devon, England.

Master of Biology Education

12. Cho, Mijin. 2010.02. MtCOI gene in Tigriopus kerguelensis s.l. distributed at Marian Cove, King

    George Island, Antarctica.

11.  Jeong, Hye Su. 2007.08. The Development of SFELP(Stream Field-Experience Learning Program)

    Utilizing Aquatic-insects.

10. Kim, Yeon Sue. 2007.08. Molecular phylogenetic relationships of copepod from partial sequences

       of mtCOI and 18S ribosomal RNA.

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    Sagami bay, Japan.

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     in ​Ean Stream. 

7. Jeong, Jae-Eun. 2006.08. The Mentum deformity effect depending on contamination degree in


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    in Korean Waters.

5. Myung, hye-mi. 2006.02. Age, Growth and Reproduction of Pungtungia herzi Herzenstein (Pisces,

    Cyprinidae) in the Namdae Stream, Cheolwon-gun, Gangwon-do.

4. Jung, Eun Jung. 2005.08. Community structure of benthic macro-invertebrates and evaluation of

    water quality.

3. Lee, Ji Hyun. 2005.02. A new species of the genus Ambunguipes (Crustacea, Copepoda,

    Harpacticoida) sampled from a sandy beach at Sangju, the South Coast of Korea.

2. Kim, Young-Hwa. 2005.02. Mentum deformity effect for toxic chemicals in the larvae of midge

    Chironomus plumosus.

1. Lee, Hye Jin. 2004.02. Study on the identification key in korean freshwater copepods.


Bachelor of Science

          35. Oh, Jong-Hwa. 2019. 10. A new species of the genus Asellus (Asellus) E. L. Geoffroy, 1762

            (Isopoda: Asellota: Asellidae) from Korea.

        34. Kim, Gunho. 2018. 10. A study on species composition of Copepods in the coast of Dolsan island.

        33. Park, Nayeon. 2016. 10. A cultivation & DNA extraction of a nematodes, Chromadora species.

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            bay, Korea in October 2006. 

        30. Oh, Min Seok. 2014.10. Investigation of ant fauna in Hanyang University, Seoul, with study of

            environmental factor.

29. Lee, Ji Hyun. 2014.02. Checklist of Freshwater Rotifer in South Korea.

28. Kim, Jeongho. 2012.02. Identification of Parathemisto japonica (Amphipoda: Hyperiidea) collected

    from Goseong, Gangwondo.

27. Shim, Kyuchul. 2012.02. Study on the Community Structure of Meiofauna in Terra Nova Bay, Ross

    Sea, Antarctica.

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    Gwangyang Bay, Korea in August 2006.

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       Gwangyang ​Bay, Korea in June 2006.

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    Laophontidae) from Namae beach, Yangyang in Korea.

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       Bay, Korea in April 2006.

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    Tigriopus japonicus s.l.

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    from ​ mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I gene.

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    from mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I gene.

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    between limestone cave and lava tunnel.

3. Park, Myoung Ok. 2004.10. Effect of the endocrine disrupter, 4-nonylphenol on Tigriopus japonicus

    (Copepoda: Harpacticoida).

2. Yi, Ki Joung. 2004.11. Study on the community structure of Meiofauna from off Jeju island, Korea.

1. Lim, Eun Jung. 2004.10. Chronic Effects of Tebufenozide on Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri.


Previous Researcher


Research Professor

- Dr. Nayeon Park. Siphonophores (2023.02- )

- Dr. Jisu Yeom. Copepoda (2022.02- )

- Dr. Dongju Lee. Copepoda (2015.02-2015.05)

- Dr. Kichoon Kim. Harpacticoida (2014.09-2015.02)

- Dr. Tomislav Karanovic. Copepoda (2010.09-2015.02)

Dr. Eun-OK Park. Copepoda (2010.09-2014.12)

- Dr. Hyungi Jeong. Cladocera (2013.09~2014.06)

- Dr. Robert Blakemore. Oligochaeta (2011.12~2013.12)

- Dr. Natalie Barns. Nematoda (2011.05~2012.04)

- Dr. Ivana Karanovic. Ostracoda (2011.03~2012.08)

- Dr. Kyuhee Cho. Marine Planktonic Copepoda (2011.03~2012.02)

- Dr. Hendrik Gheerardyn. Harpacticoida (2010.10~2011.03)

- Dr. Hyeon-Gyeong Jeong. Marine Planktonic Copepoda (2009.09~2010.09)

- Dr. Kanghyun Lee. Ecotoxicology (2007.08~2009.02)

- Dr. Won-Rok Kim. Cave Fauna (2003.09~2006.09)

- Dr. Byung-Woo Kim. Spider Taxonomy (2002.11~2006.09)

- Dr. In-sil Kwak. Ecotoxicology (2002.08~2005.09)

- Dr. Sung-Jun Song. Copepoda Diversity (2001.11~2002.07)


Research Associate

- Hyun-Soo Yoo. Ostracoda Taxonomy (2013.09~2014.08)

- Myo-kyoung Kim. Marine Phytoplankton (2011.09~2012.02)

- Geun-Young Park. Aquatic Toxicology (2003.11~2005.09)

- Heejin Moon. Illustrator (2003.09~2011.06)

- Hyo-Jin Lee. Aquatic Toxicology (2003.03~2003.10)


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